i'm johan. i do things with computers. i'm from berlin

The blog refreshed

Some days ago, I’ve switched this blog under from Wordpress to Jekyll. The move had several reasons:

I considered moving to a blogging platform, but I see as my home address, which should not be subject to the product schedule of a venture-backed company [1]. If I’d have chosen a blog platform in 2004, it would have probably been and that has changed quite a lot since then …

So I’ve been blogging since 2004. In these 10 years, I published nearly 800 posts. In most of them, I was trying out the medium, writing in German. During the move, I only carried over around 70 posts. Like the first one. My excitement for the first Music Hack Day Berlin in 2009. Working in South Africa. Life events like finishing my Bachelor’s thesis, starting and quitting at SoundCloud. Being on StartupBus and organizing Art Hack Day Berlin.

So what was in the 700 posts that vanished? Mostly boring, maybe embarassing notes of my past self. As a person, I think I’ve moved far in these years. And many things, that I’ve published back then do not contribute to my present me. Obviously, I want to convey an image of myself here (like: sophisticated tech literate). Party pictures from 9 years ago, if seen in the present context, would not contribute well.

Which brings me back to the fact that its nice to be able to rewrite my own history, on own terms. For that I will be able to reflect on this in 10 years again.

P.S. A shout out goes to robb for helping me with the move. Thanks man!

[1] To be fair, I’m hosting on Github now, which is venture-backed, but this is hosting only and will hopefully never interfer with the hosted content. And even if so, moving to a new hoster could be done within an hour.