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Bringing Art Hack Day to Berlin


So it looks like every year I need my “organizing a hackathon” fix. After MHD Berlin and MHD Reykajvík, this year it is Art Hack Day Berlin.

The gist: 50 international artists from visual over digital to sound and performance, 48 hours to create a public exhibition, hacking starts on evening of Thursday September 26th, exhibit is on evening of Saturday September 28th, space is LEAP at alexanderplatz, theme is “going dark”, event is not-for-profit run by volunteers and financed by some sponsors, in collaboration with transmediale 2014

During past events in SF, NYC, Boston and Stockholm great works were created, as this and this video testify. For the Berlin edition, I’m very excited for the theme of “Going Dark”, playing on the general notion of growing data collection and how we react to it. I’m hoping for a political creative exhibition, questioning the individual, society, organizations and governments.

So why am I organizing this hack day? In the past years I was very active in the Music Hack Day scene. But after 15 attended events, I feel creative fatigue. Hacks repeat over and over. The running gag is the infamous “put-tracks/gigs on a map” hack being done at every event (yes, i’ve done that hack myself in the past). MHDs are still great for networking and learning, but don’t stimulate me creatively anymore. For me they somehow became more legitimate work and less innocent fun. I was dreaming of a Music Creation Hack Day that would not involve platform-mashup-promo hacks. Sadly, I did not make that happen (yet).

Then Kriesse introduced me to Olof, the founder of Art Hack Day. We started plotting AHB Berlin in May and in two weeks from now it’s finally happening. I love working with an amazing team and this time is a jackpot again (LEAP are great, Olof is fully committed, more helping hands all around). And now the fun phase actually starts, seeing the artists discussing ideas on the mailing list, seeing PR picking up, growing excitement for the hack day to finally start.

So, come to the exhibition! It will be amazing, no doubt.

Saturday September 28th 19:00 - 00:00 at LEAP near Alexanderplatz. Free admission. Performances, Installations, Visual Art. Plenty to watch, also something to drink. Event Link