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Determining which AWS CloudFront POP edge location is used

Yesterday I had to debug a problem that seemingly involved a faulty AWS CloudFront POP (point-of-presence or also called edge location). Requests to some objects timed out, but the problem seemed to be limited to a certain geographic region. To debug the problem further, it was crucial to find out which POP was used. In the following example I assume that is configured with a CloudFront configuration and the requests are made from the client’s location experiencing the problems.

$ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:	canonical name =

This gives us the IP address of the CloudFront POP in question. Next we can feed the IP into a reverse dns lookup.

$ dig -x +short

The fra50 part is the intersting one. AWS CloudFront follows a convention to name POPs after IATA airport codes. You can now either do a full-text search for the airport code on this Wikipedia page or do a Google search for <airport-code> airport code. This reveals that the example request from above was full-filled by the POP in Frankfurt, Germany.

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