i'm johan. i do things with computers. i'm from berlin

Goodbye SoundCloud

With the beginning of this new year I’m not a SoundClouder anymore.

I SoundCloud as an intern and freelancer over three years ago when I was still a Bachelor student. After graduating I started full time, working on the API and the website, making client developers and users happy every day. On the side I ran TracksOnAMap, TakesQuestions and SoundCloud Labs, attended many MusicHackDays and organized the Berlin one.

It’s been an incredible time. The best thing was to work with such an incredibly smart team. Every morning I woke up full of excitement to see what this best-team-in-the-world is going to create today. The time at the cloud was my coming-of-age as a developer and team worker. Beneath all the practical skills I’ve improved like writing maintainable code, designing a clean product and communicating effectively, I learned how effective one can be with the right motivation and supportive structure. And how much fun being “in the game” can be.

Working at SoundCloud is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I’m proud and grateful that I was able to participate. The SoundCloud story has been incredible so far and it is far from finished. It will be even more disruptive the next year than ever before and already started with a bang. If you are searching for an amazing job, check these kick-ass open positions

And what am I going to do now? I want to broaden my horizons. I will attend some university courses. I will hack useless and/or nice stuff. I will try to find out what next I can bring to the world. If you know something, contact me now!

I’m full of excitement and respect for the time to come. It’s gonna be interesting.