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How a map is served at Mapbox

Some weeks ago I gave a talk at the Berlin DevOps Meetup titled “Globally serving maps from 8 datacenters”*.

Below are the slides. They were made with the great Deckset app and lot’s of gifs and videos (which sadly didn’t make it into the pdf export).

Also during the talk I showed a video of our internal mapbox-cli tool which makes deploying with CloudFormation as easy as a git push. Questions in the comments are welcome.

*This has bugged me since I gave the talk: We serve from 8 AWS regions, with each region having 1, 2 or 3 availability zones. Each availability zone is an own datacenter, since they are said to be physically and logistically separate. Thus we serve from 1 + 4*2 + 3*3 = 18 datacenters.

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