i'm johan. i do things with computers. i'm from berlin

I work at SoundCloud

Starting today I work full-time at SoundCloud in the API team. I will make sure that all the great apps that access the API continue to work and thrive. I will answer questions of developers and users on the mailing list and in person. And I will get my head around Ruby and Rails big time.

Sounds like a shitload of fun, fuck yeah!

Among my fellow students I appear to be one of the few who starts a full-time job. I got asked several times how I got hired, so this is the story:

In summer 2008 I read about SoundCloud in De:Bug (original article in german as post or in this pdf page 22). I got an invite to the private beta by Tanith and was impressed by the well-executed concept and the slick design. At that time I was searching for a brief summer internship. I figured that it should either be at Ableton or SoundCloud. My mail to was answered so fast by Eric, the CTO of SoundCloud, that I didn’t even sent the application to Ableton …

During the three-weeks internship I worked on the Facebook app and helped with the launch. After the internship I somehow stuck around. At Music Hack Day Berlin we programmed Tracksonamap which we also used for later.

And I became a SoundCloud evangelist. If you hung out with me within the last two years chances are that I tried to give you SoundCloud stickers or made you promise to get an account. My identification with the Cloud is pretty high.

So in the last two years I was able to watch how the idea of SoundCloud grew into a real business and part of today’s music industry. My enthusiasm for SoundCloud is unbroken. Thus it was only a logical step to get together when I finished my studies. And now I am really looking forward to a great time in the Cloud …

BTW: We are hiring!