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Music Hack Day Berlin Recap

Photo by Matas

Last weekend I’ve participated in the Music Hack Day Berlin, which I had already advertised in this blog earlier.

The event took place at Radialsystem V in Berlin-Friedrichshain, right at the Spree. About 50 hacker gathered in the saturday morning sun, to code some awesomeness. Some companies showcased their APIs and/or products. People started talking about synthesizers, web 2.0 or paradigm shifts in music industry. All in all, a very relaxed atmosphere, both focused and comforting. An endless stream of Red Bull and Fritz Cola and periodic food supply from the outside world kept the engines running.

You were able to just wander around, talk to people, have interesting conversations and get to know new things. There was a constantly high friendlyness level in the rooms. The other great thing was, that you were able to just focus and “get into the zone” while coding. Switch off incoming information and code code code. It’s a shame, that being free of distraction became rare at least for me.

My project is Tracks On A Map, which is the further development of my old SoundCloud-Map. Partners in crime were Katharina and Eric. The 20-hour coding session included a total user interface make-over, extended genre filtering and multiple tracks per location. We are still working on it, so there will be interesting stuff coming up in the near future …

Of course others did great stuff, too. I just love the Xylobot, an Arduino/Midi-driven Xylophon. Gig Look displays upcoming gigs in Berlin via a picture grid. Gernot turned the multitouch trackpad of the latest Macbooks into a koaspad-like synth. Hannes wrote a ruby script, that takes a track from SoundCloud, sends it to Echonest for analysis and kicks back the result as timed comments. And gets an iPhone app.

If you’d like to know more, have a look at:

The next Music Hack Days are going to take place in Amsterdam and Boston.