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Music Hackday Berlin Announcement

From September 18th to 20th Nerds are going to gather in Berlin to hack on music-related projects at Music Hackday Berlin.

The official announcement reads:

The main goal of the event is for participants to rapidly prototype and build new projects, working through the night to complete and present them the following day. They have only this weekend to conceptualize, build, & present their projects. Hardware meets Software meets Online, all connected via music.

Projects are free to choose. If you already have one, bring it, be it a music-making robot, your self-made monome, a Perl script that emulates a 909 or a SoundCloud-Songkick-LastFM-Fender-Guitar-Mashup. If not, come anyway, talk to people and get an idea. Or take part in one of the workshops, where people talk about their projects.

There has already been a succesfull Music Hackday in London (see this article in The Guardian). SoundCloud is taking a major role in organising, but other companies like Ableton or Songkick are involved as well.

Music Hackday is going to take place in the wonderful Radialsystem V in Berlin Friedrichshain. There is no admission fee but you should take your time to register. You may sleep there (bring your sleepingbag) and hack the whole weekend. Food and Drinks may be sponsored …

So if you want to peek into the cutting edge of music hacking, get to know interesting people and of course, code code code: Get your ass to Music Hackday Berlin!