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My Bachelor's Thesis on Agile Software Development

Three weeks ago I handed in my Bachelor’s thesis with the sonorous name “Agile Software Development in Small Projects - Methods and Techniques used in the Sendinel Project”.

This is the abstract:

In this Bachelor's thesis we reflect on how we used the Agile software development methodologies Scrum and Extreme Programming in the project "Sendinel". Important aspects are how we came to decisions without a Product Owner, how we managed our process without a Scrum Master and how we organised planning.

Section 2 gives an insight into the project’s background. Section 3 briefly outlines the history of software development processes and introduces Scrum and XP. In Section 4 our development process is explained in detail.

Most value for readers will likely be the possibility to reflect on their own experience with software development. Thus the most interesting part in the thesis might be Section 5: Lessons Learned.

These are my most appreciated references:

During writing I put an emphasis on being concise and clear. Especially the book “Revising Prose” helped me to do that. And of course the people who reviewed the thesis (thank you again).

You can download the pdf of the Bachelor’s thesis here.