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Tracks On A Map has been released ...

tracksonamap screenshot

About a month ago, the Music Hackday took place, where Tracks On A Map got it’s name and saw the light as a pre-release. Last friday, we finally launched it, after putting more hard work into it. We are pretty happy with the outcome, since we created a sleek and easy-to-use application that is standing on a solid code base.

You might already know it, but check it again at and follow the Tracks On A Map account on Twitter.

Most of the stuff we have done since the Music Hackday was “making it nice”. We included sharing functionality, meaning a user is able to share a track or city on Facebook or Twitter or elsewhere. A lot of backend stuff has been re-written, made fail-prove and fast. The frontend got an improved design. We also tried to make the app responsive and fast-loading. Nearly all requests are answered from Memcache and we also implemented some client-side caching.

There are still things to be made better which we hope to fix in the near future. And there are already ideas for the next big release as well …

Check the issue tracker on the GitHub Repository and add things you’d like to see.

While developing on Google App Engine I made some good and some bad experiences, which I might write something about later. I might also talk about it on the upcoming Barcamp London

Thank you again to Eric and Katharina, who both have a big share in making the project as great as it is today.